Can Solar Panels Charge Your Electric Car

Energy Concepts car charging system

As solar panels become more and more popular, homeowners across the country are becoming curious as to how else solar panels and solar energy can be used. We know that it’s a cleaner alternative to harmful fossil fuels that make it environmentally friendly as well as economically advantageous. They have been proven to lower environmental…

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A Timeline of Solar Power

Man calculating formula

If you ask around, you will find a surprising number of people who think of solar energy as a new technology, as in only invented within the last 10 or 20 years. Modern solar power, however, has been in development for over 70 years, and it is based on a technology that was first discovered…

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A Breakdown of Which Energy Source is Most Efficient

Renewable Energies

What are the Different Types of Energy Sources? In today’s world, energy consumption increases by the minute. New technology and power tools and equipment are required in all aspects of our lives. Our population is also growing which is increasing the need for energy. There are a wide range of energy sources that are effective…

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