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Solar can offer your home a number of wonderful benefits, including a reduced carbon footprint, lower utility bills and more control over your expenses for decades to come. However, your rooftop solar panels can only produce energy during the day when the sun shines at its brightest and any energy you don’t use is sent right back to the grid where you’ll never see it again. At night, your home depends on grid energy and that can add up quickly under the time of use rates that many California utility companies employ. When you pair your solar energy system with a home battery, you'll never depend on the grid again. 

Benefits of a Solar Battery Storage

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Charge Your Home With Solar

As your rooftop solar panels produce energy, any excess energy is stored in your home battery and/or is sold back to the grid for a credit towards your future electric bills.

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Decrease Grid Energy Use at Peak Times

Intelligent monitoring software analyzes your solar, home energy use and utility rates to determine the best power source to use to reduce peak-time charges.

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Backup Power for All Your Essentials

During power outages and blackouts, your home battery can provide seamless backup to power your appliances and keep the lights on when you need it most.

How Solar Battery Storage Works

Home energy storage systems are essentially giant batteries that collect unused power from your rooftop solar system and store it for later use. Whether it’s during a power outage that cuts off the electricity throughout your neighborhood or simply the sun setting and your solar panels shutting down, you can count on your home energy storage system to be there to provide you with the energy you need!

Home Battery Storage Solutions

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SunPower SunVault

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