Solar Roof Panels in Fresno

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Our engineers at Energy Concepts are not only knowledgeable experts in our industry, but we're dedicated to using the best technology available to bring clean, reliable energy to your home or business. We stay up to date on the latest SunPower® technology so we can explain how every aspect of your new system will work. We can also provide you with information about the many benefits of solar energy.

Many people understand that photovoltaic (PV) panels are used to gather up the sun’s power and transform it into power that can be used to run all the electricity in your home. However, do you know exactly how this happens?

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How Are PV Panels Made?

Every solar panel is made from thousands of tiny two-layered solar cells. The first layer is made up of electrons that jump to the second layer when exposed to sunlight. This electron flow is what generates electricity.

What Are the Cells Made Of?

Solar panels work in the same basic way that batteries and outlets work using the flow of electrons through a circuit. Silicon is the star of the show, used to make the essential plates of each panel to create a neutral platform to transmit electrons. The silicon doesn’t have a positive or negative charge – this happens when other elements are introduced.

Both phosphorus, for a negative charge, and Boron for a positive charge, is incorporated with conductive wires. When this entire system is bombarded by the photons from sunlight, electricity is generated in each and every cell.

One solar cell is powerful enough to run a calculator. Several thousand generate enough energy to help you end your relationship with the utility company and slash your monthly utility bills.

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