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Benefits of Solar

The sun is a constant source of clean, reliable, renewable energy. Harnessing its power through a system of photovoltaic (PV) cells can help provide electricity to your home, business or other property. At Energy Concepts, our solar installation specialists have more than 25 years of combined professional experience proving solar energy to customers throughout our community.

We're dedicated to saving you money while helping to save the environment. Learn more about our tight-knit team of solar professionals in Fresno by calling us at (559) 485-2504.

How Solar Energy Can Work for You

Choosing solar energy offers a number of advantages. Whether you're a residential customer or own a commercial property, solar can offer you an important energy solution.

Some of the many benefits of a solar energy system include:

  • Lessen your environmental impact
  • Save money on your electricity bills
  • Provide your property with reliable energy
  • Protect yourself against fluctuating energy costs
  • Increase your property’s value
  • Take advantage of tax incentives

Financial Incentives for Installing Solar Panels

Solar power is one of the most efficient sources of energy in the world. This is because the sun generates clean and free energy, which is renewable. California also has some of the best financial incentives for installing solar panels in America. Thanks to the California Solar Initiative (CSI), we can now benefit tremendously just from using solar power. This program is a solar rebate initiative that seeks to benefit California consumers.

Financial incentives for solar:

  • Savings when you sell your home - When you install solar panels on your home, this is known as a capital improvement, which means that value has been added to your property and might make it more attractive to potential homebuyers. When you eventually sell your home, your investment can be deducted from the sale price which will lessen the value that is counted as profit, reducing your tax burden.
  • California Self-Generation Incentive program - The California Self-Generation Incentive Program, also known as the SGIP, enables California homeowners to install the solar power system at subsidized and cost-effective prices. The states' solar power systems are some of the most cost-effective ones in America. This program is in place in order to support existing, new and emerging energy resources, and makes it easier on the consumer to use these resources.

In addition to this, California's program for net metering is among the best in the country. Homeowners can freely use the solar power grid to store free solar during the day. At night when the sun sets, they can use the electricity from the panel's extra storage.

Why You Should Choose Us

Solar is a lifelong product that should not be decided on without careful thought. There should be a trusted relationship built between you and your energy company which takes time and trust. We advise you to avoid getting rushed or pressured into any quick solar decisions. To help our clients, we provide a project and contractor questionnaire which allows them to compare contractors and products side by side. This ensures that they will be able to find the team and the product that is right for their needs.

Our Fresno solar installation experts always want to make sure you are well-informed and completely comfortable about your solar decision. Call (559) 485-2504 to schedule your free estimate today.

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