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Solar energy systems represent an incredible opportunity to save money while enjoying a sense of energy independence. They're powerful systems with few moving parts, meaning all that needs to happen to ensure they see their full lifespan is that they're kept clean and free of debris. After all, solar panels covered with dirt and grime may see as much as a 20% loss of efficiency. Rather than limiting the lifespan of your solar energy system, call our experts at Energy Concepts to provide safe, thorough solar panel cleaning in Fresno, ClovisVisalia and beyond. You can rely on our extensive experience in the industry to ensure that your solar panels are in the best condition to provide maximum energy output.

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Why Do My Solar Panels Need Cleaning?

At its most basic, solar panels don't work if the solar power can't get to them. Just like most plants will begin to struggle if moved into a darkened room or are stuck in the shade of a towering tree, your solar energy system will begin to have trouble if there is dirt blocking out the sun. In some cases, such as with bird droppings, the debris can have a corrosive effect over time and not only block the sun but actually begin to damage the panels or frames themselves.

There are many reasons to get professional solar panel cleaning, such as:

  • Maintaining efficiency

    As we covered, dirty panels are less efficient and don't produce as much power.

  • Keeping the warranty in effect

    Most warranties stipulate that the panels must be properly cleaned and maintained for the duration of the warranty in order to be eligible for whatever repairs or replacements are covered.

  • Savings

    When your solar panels lose efficiency, you'll end up having to pay more and more to the utility company to make up the difference.

  • Longevity

    Given that your solar panels are exposed to the elements constantly, it's important to ensure they're set up for success – after all, they are an investment you should protect.

  • Appearance

    It's not very nice to look at dirty solar panels and there are even some Homeowners Associations that impose penalties on homes that fail to maintain their setup.

Professional Solar Panel Cleaning You Can Trust

Our Fresno solar panel cleaning team here at Energy Concepts has years of experience in providing solar panel cleaning for homes and businesses of all kinds. We have the training and equipment to offer effective and thorough cleaning services while being gentle on the panels and keeping our technicians and customers safe at all times.

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