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Book an appointment today to learn all of the ways a solar and battery system can save you Money

Why Solar + Home Batteries Are Essential in Fresno

California recently changed its solar energy rules with NEM 3.0, meaning you get less money back for extra solar power you give to the grid. But don't worry! Solar batteries help you save money even with NEM 3.0.

The Role of Solar and Home Batteries:

Despite the changes brought by NEM 3.0, homeowners can still optimize their savings by incorporating solar batteries into their systems. During peak sunlight hours, your system powers your home and/or charges your battery, allowing you to store excess solar energy. Later, you can export this stored energy back to the grid during peak hours, maximizing savings and credits under the NEM 3.0 net billing plan.

Seven Reasons You Need Solar + Home Batteries:

Combat Rising Utility Rates:

Electricity rates in Fresno and the surrounding Central Valley continue to soar due to constant and predictable rate hikes from companies like PG&E. Solar with batteries offers a shield against unpredictable rate spikes, ensuring stable energy costs and maximizing solar savings.


Meet Growing Energy Needs:

As home energy consumption rises due to larger homes, increased gadget usage, EV charging, and remote work, solar with storage becomes indispensable. It offsets costs, provides energy-on-demand, and powers EVs sustainably.


Ensure Resilience Amidst Power Outages:

With power outages becoming more frequent, solar plus storage stands as a resilient solution, ensuring uninterrupted power supply during outages and adverse weather conditions.


Hassle-Free and Low Maintenance:

Unlike generators, solar batteries require minimal maintenance once installed. They recharge using solar energy, eliminating the need for additional fuel storage. 


Tax Credits and Rebates:

When you install solar batteries alongside your solar panel system, you unlock valuable tax credits and rebates designed to incentivize renewable energy adoption. Until 2032, the federal government offers a generous 30% tax credit for comprehensive solar installations. Whether you're planning a new solar setup or enhancing an existing one with battery backup, you can capitalize on this federal incentive.


Higher Real Estate Value:

Adding solar panels and batteries can increase the value of your property. Buyers value clean energy and backup power, enhancing the appeal of your home or business.


Unlock True Energy Independence:

With frequent power outages, having backup power is crucial. Solar batteries provide relief during outages, ensuring your home stays powered when the grid goes down.

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Choose Energy Concepts Fresno for your solar and battery storage needs. With over 30 years of industry leadership in the Central Valley, including Fresno, Visalia, Clovis, and Madera, we bring unparalleled expertise and service to every project. Unlike other companies, we handle every aspect of your solar journey in-house, ensuring transparency, quality, and accountability at every step. Plus, with our unique Lifetime Plus 1 Warranty and commitment to straightforward consultations, you can trust us to deliver exceptional results and maximize your solar savings. Contact us today at (559) 485-2504 to take the first step towards energy independence!

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