5 Must-Have Solar Powered Products

Large Residential Solar Array

You already know that solar energy is the best option for powering your home. However, that same technology that keeps your lights on is also being applied to all sorts of products. Here are five of the coolest solar-powered gadgets of 2020.

Solar-Powered Bug Zapper

If you’re the type of person who enjoys spending time outdoors, you will love having a solar-powered bug zapper. When lounging outside on a hot summer night, it’ll prove to be especially helpful. Insects, like mosquitoes and gnats, will be less of a nuisance.

Solar Wireless Keyboard

Like so many other people, you probably spend a lot of time on the computer. Consider upgrading to a solar wireless keyboard. It will help cut down on electricity without forcing you to make any compromises. Furthermore, a full charge can last you for more than a month.

Solar Fan

As you know, blasting your home’s A/C system typically leads to a more expensive energy bill. Using a solar fan will help you to stay cool. It’s especially great for small spaces that need a little extra ventilation. When cooking in the kitchen, this sun-powered fan will help circulate air.

Solar-Powered Dummy Security Cameras

Research shows that security cameras do an excellent job of deterring crime. If you want to keep away criminals for a more affordable cost, consider getting a solar-powered dummy security camera. They look just like the real thing with a blinking red light.

Solar Water Fountain

A solar water fountain can give your home a relaxed ambiance. The quiet sound of the water helps reduce stress. You can also use a solar fountain to improve air quality by helping remove dust. This is a big plus for allergy sufferers.

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