Generate, Store, Use: What Home Batteries & Solar Can Do for You

Enphase batterry banks

Generate, Store, Use perfectly captures the essence of what solar and home batteries can offer. Let’s dive into the basics to help you understand how these systems work and why they are a game-changer for homeowners.


Generate: Harnessing Solar Power

Switching to solar offers significant financial benefits, with the potential to drastically reduce or eliminate monthly electric bills over the system’s 25+ year lifespan. In addition, solar acts as a shield against rising energy costs, allowing you to lock in the price you pay for electricity. 


Store: Maximizing Solar Energy with Batteries

Solar home batteries allow you to store excess energy generated during sunny periods of the day for use during cloudy periods or at night when your solar panels aren’t actively producing. It’s like having a personal energy bank, ensuring you have a steady supply of power regardless of external conditions. 


Use: Optimizing Energy Consumption and Cost Savings

The final piece of the puzzle is using the stored energy wisely to offset your electricity costs. Home Offset and backup batteries empower you to make the most of your generated energy during peak cost periods. Instead of relying solely or even partially on the grid, you can tap into your stored power and cut reliance on electric companies, leading to significant savings in your energy cost. 


Why Solar Batteries Matter now more than ever: 

Under California’s new net-metering rules, simply relying on a 100% solar production offset might not be enough to achieve substantial energy savings. With export rates reduced by 70% under NEM 3.0, solar batteries become a crucial component in maximizing the benefits of your solar system.

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