Why Solar is Growing So Fast

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Solar energy is such an exciting industry, in part, because it has grown so fast. The climate crisis has encouraged all forms of renewable energy. However, solar is growing the fastest. In this blog, we’ll explain why that is and why this benefits you and your family!

Why Solar is Growing in The U.S.

California has led the nation in solar energy for decades. Solar growth has been concentrated here since before 2000. For example, we built some of the first large scale solar farms back in the 1990s. Today, there is more solar capacity installed in California than any other state.

Recently, other states have been following our lead and new areas of the country are building solar. North Carolina and Texas are two major examples of this. Additionally, innovations by many California-based companies have made solar energy more attractive. Solar panels are becoming more and more efficient every year due to some of these innovations.

Solar Growth Around the Globe

Many countries around the world are following the lead of the U.S. by implementing government incentives for solar installations. China is a great example. They’ve implemented tax and tariff-based incentives in the past decade and have immensely increased their solar energy capacity.

Why It’s A Great Time to Get Into Solar

While it’s fantastic that solar is growing around the country and the world, you’re probably wondering more about your own home and family. Luckily, solar is becoming more affordable and efficient every year. Our team is ready to help install a system for you!

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