How Does Current Solar Trends Stack Up Next to Climate Goals

Green energy infographic

Climate change is a major issue impacting the world right now. In the future, we know that the climate crisis will affect us even more. While it’s easy to become pessimistic about the climate, there are people and governments working to fight climate change. Through accords like the Paris Agreement, countries have implemented specific benchmarks to lower our carbon dioxide production among other things. In this blog, we’ll explain the role that solar energy plays in the fight against climate change and where we are at right now.


One of the main ways governments are looking at solving the climate crisis is by setting energy goals. In our state, California, we have a goal of zero-carbon electricity generation by 2045 and the majority by 2030. Hawaii has a similar plan. While the U.S. federal government doesn’t have the same stated goal just yet, other countries have. Some countries in Central America like Costa Rica and Nicaragua are already getting the vast majority of their energy from renewable sources. Others like Sweden have set goals to get there in the future.

Solar plays a big role in that, alongside other renewable energy sources like wind and hydroelectric. Currently, California produces about half of our electricity from renewable energy, so we are well on pace. We just need to continue ramping up solar production, so that we can continue that in the coming years. We can all do our part and installing a solar panel system for your home or business is an excellent way to do it. It’s truly a win-win!

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