Sustainability Tips from Energy Concepts

Energy Concepts Green energy

There are so many exciting things about the solar industry. It’s a growing industry with brand-new innovations coming every single year. However, our favorite part of solar energy is that it is a sustainable energy source. With climate change being such a serious threat for the future, we need to grow sustainable energy sources and…

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How Solar Panels are Made

Solar Manufacturing

Solar technology is changing the world. At Energy Concepts, we believe that solar energy is the best way to create a sustainable future for the next generation. It’s a common saying that no matter what happens, the sun will come up in the morning. That reliability is something that is unmatched in the energy production space, and…

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How Energy Concepts Helps to Make Solar Affordable

Calculating Savings

For years, solar energy systems were thought of as a luxury that most people couldn’t afford, but that is changing. As with any technology, solar is becoming more efficient and more affordable every single year. We are nowhere near the end of solar innovation and we can now confidently say that solar panels are attainable for almost…

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Your Guide to Solar Panels and the Spring Season

Energy Concepts Solar Panel

Like a lot of industries, solar changes with the seasons. With the amount of sunlight changing throughout the year, solar can be even more impacted. With the start of spring, we want to give you an idea of the challenges of spring and why it’s a great time to set up and install, too. Cleaning…

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How Solar Panels Can Help with a Blackout

Model home with light on

We see so much enthusiasm around solar installations. While many of our customers look forward to the significant savings that come with free energy production, others love the fact that solar lessens their reliance on the grid. With California’s yearly wildfires and our outdated infrastructure, blackouts have become pretty common. Luckily, if you have a…

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How Do Solar Rebates Work?

Energy Concepts banner

Beyond the great benefits of solar panels at your home or business, there are a variety of government incentives as well. Most take the form of solar tax rebates and credits. However, they can be confusing to the average person because most of us don’t understand how taxes really work anyways. When you get a…

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How Does Solar Compare to Other Types of Energy?

Energy Concepts Ground mount solar

Energy use is one of the most politically debated topics out there. Politicians and countries all over the world have their own views on the ideal type of energy policy. On a smaller scale, energy use is a major bill for the average American household. The decisions we make when it comes to energy have…

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Is There Space for Solar Panels on Your Property?

Solar installation

We believe that solar energy is the future of power production and we try to do everything we can to make it accessible for the people in our community. Oftentimes, our customers think solar panels can’t work for their home, but it’s almost never the case. In this blog, we’ll explain how much space you…

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How Does a Cloudy Day Impact Your Solar Panels?

city skyline

Solar energy is a great way to save money on your energy bills and work towards a more sustainable future for everyone. All of us at Energy Concepts believe in solar technology 100%, but we still encounter people with reservations about it. One commonly asked question is about cloudy days. Will your solar panels still…

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How Much Energy Does The Average Californian Use?

light bulb illuminated

At Energy Concepts, we help reduce the carbon footprint and energy use of our customers. Solar panels can provide free electricity from the most bountiful energy source we have access to, the sun. However, even with a solar panel system, it’s essential to have an idea of how much electricity you are using in the…

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