2020 Solar FAQ

Beautiful solar install

With the amount of uncertainty in the world right now, we wanted to provide some answers to the questions we hear the most. Solar is still a burgeoning technology with room to grow, and 2020 offers excellent incentives and innovations for the future. Let’s get to those FAQs! What’s the State of Solar Incentives in…

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How Solar Can Improve Your Company’s Reputation

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The search for more sustainable and efficient energy sources has become more important than ever. Currently, solar power is leading the race because of its efficiency and its convenience for consumers. The US has more than 60 gigawatts of solar capacity installed which is enough to power over 11.3 million homes. But solar power isn’t…

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A Breakdown of Which Energy Source is Most Efficient

Renewable Energies

What are the Different Types of Energy Sources? In today’s world, energy consumption increases by the minute. New technology and power tools and equipment are required in all aspects of our lives. Our population is also growing which is increasing the need for energy. There are a wide range of energy sources that are effective…

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Happy New Rate Increase?

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January first. A day where we put our resolutions into action. Eat healthier food, join a gym, and…pay PG&E more? That is correct, you may be looking at a 5.6% rate increase in your bills beginning January, with another adjustment coming in March. Fresno and other counties in California already pay 40% more that the…

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