Beyond Solar: Other Ideas to Increase Sustainability in Your Home

Energy Concepts Green Planet

At Energy Concepts, we believe in solar energy for a sustainable future. However, any steps you can take towards eco-friendliness and helping preserve the planet can make a big difference! We love sharing environmentally-friendly habits and tips and we’d love to hear yours if you have some!


While solar panels can do a lot for energy consumption and limiting the use of fossil fuels, they don’t do much for problems with waste, especially food waste which is estimated to be 40 million tons in the United States alone. Why not get rid of that waste in a sustainable way. Besides, biodegradable fruits and vegetables are great for your compost pile and your health!

Think About Your Clothing

Food, water, shelter, clothing. They’re all necessities and all of these needs can be met sustainably. There’s always something to improve your sustainability. We’ve covered food, so let’s talk fashion. Fast fashion is a huge source of energy and waste. If you’re not familiar, fast fashion is the idea of cheap, lower-quality clothes that don’t last long. Paired with the idea of following the latest trends and all of a sudden you’re replacing half of your wardrobe every year.

Instead, if you’re buying new clothes, go for high-quality materials that will last a lifetime. If you have a lower budget, go to your local thrift store or shop for second-hand clothes on a variety of internet resellers like Facebook Marketplace.


Energy Concepts is a solar company, but that is only one half of the equation. While all the solar energy you generate is clean, sustainable, and free, you likely aren’t getting all of your energy from your solar system without a home battery like the Tesla Powerwall. If you’re interested in a battery system we recommend it to cover peak times and to store energy for a rainy day, and we mean that both figuratively and literally!

Anyways, our point is that you can reduce your energy use even if you already have a solar panel installed and it will still help increase your sustainability and lower your carbon footprint!

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