Can Fall Leaves Impact My Solar Panels?

Fall raking leaves

Fall is so many people’s favorite season of the year and it’s easy to see why. In California, it’s a bit of a break from our crazy hot summers and we get to start heading into the holiday season with Halloween and Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, fall can be a bit messier for those who like to keep their yards nice and tidy. Leaves start to fall from the trees and can make a real mess on your lawn. We often get the question about how landscaping, and trees specifically, can impact someone’s solar panel system. This whole blog is our answer so keep reading!

Stay Aware

With anything in your home that you need to rely on, whether it be your HVAC units or your solar panels, you need to stay aware of what’s going on with them. That can be really tough. Ultimately, homeowners don’t know the ins and outs of these trades, but you’d be surprised what you can pick up on if you pay a bit of attention.

In this specific case, debris such as fall leaves don’t help your solar panels. Your solar panels need access to sunlight to work and bring power to your home. However, the more insidious problem that fall leaves can cause is water buildup. If you have leaves all in your gutters and you don’t clear them before a storm hits, water might not be able to properly drain from your roof. This can cause major problems to your roof’s integrity which ultimately can harm your solar panels. Of course, not every home has solar panels on their roof, and if yours are on the ground you’ll just need to watch out for leaves blocking the light!

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