How Much Energy Do Solar Farms Produce?

Solar farm

Most people are familiar with solar panels at the residential or commercial level. This is when you have panels installed on your roof or your property to generate power for your building and facility or for your home, but many don’t know what solar farms are, how they work or who benefits from them. Keep reading to learn more.…

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How do Solar Rebates Work?

Energy Concepts solar proposal

One of the main perks of solar panels, aside from their environmental benefits, are the financial savings that homeowners get. However, a lot of these rebates and credits are incredibly confusing, and it can be difficult to understand exactly what you’re saving and how much you’re saving. We’re giving you a breakdown on a few…

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A Timeline of Solar Power

Man calculating formula

If you ask around, you will find a surprising number of people who think of solar energy as a new technology, as in only invented within the last 10 or 20 years. Modern solar power, however, has been in development for over 70 years, and it is based on a technology that was first discovered…

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Tips for Maintaining Your Solar Panels

Cleaning solar panels

Maintaining your SunPower solar panels is something that can be done quite easily through routine inspection, cleaning of the panels, and routine maintenance on batteries and wiring. Phosphorus and boron in wiring help with increasing negative and positive conductivity, as all solar cells are made up of two layers to help better facilitate the flow…

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What Happens to Solar Panels on a Cloudy Day?

Dark skies

Solar energy is a great alternative for those who live beyond the power lines or choose to produce their electricity. But what happens when there is no sun? Do solar panels still work? Learn more about how solar panels work during cloudy weather below. How do Solar Panels Create Electricity? A simple explanation is that the sun’s light shines…

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How Solar Can Improve Your Company’s Reputation

Energy Concepts solar panels

The search for more sustainable and efficient energy sources has become more important than ever. Currently, solar power is leading the race because of its efficiency and its convenience for consumers. The US has more than 60 gigawatts of solar capacity installed which is enough to power over 11.3 million homes. But solar power isn’t…

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A Breakdown of Which Energy Source is Most Efficient

Renewable Energies

What are the Different Types of Energy Sources? In today’s world, energy consumption increases by the minute. New technology and power tools and equipment are required in all aspects of our lives. Our population is also growing which is increasing the need for energy. There are a wide range of energy sources that are effective…

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Happy New Rate Increase?

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January first. A day where we put our resolutions into action. Eat healthier food, join a gym, and…pay PG&E more? That is correct, you may be looking at a 5.6% rate increase in your bills beginning January, with another adjustment coming in March. Fresno and other counties in California already pay 40% more that the…

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