Different Types of Solar Panels, Explained

Energy Concepts Solar array

Not all solar panels are the same. Just like a lot of things, inventors, engineers and scientists have created different solutions to the same problem. In the case of solar, the problem is how to extract energy from the sun! Here are the different types of solar panels and how they work!


One of the most common forms of solar panel is polycrystalline. These are the typical blue panels you probably associate with the idea of solar panels. The reason they are so common is that they are the cheapest type of solar panel out there. However, because they use cheaper materials, they aren’t nearly as efficient as the other main form of solar panel.


Monocrystalline panels are also very common but are a bit more expensive. In return, they are also more efficient. To explain why we need to explain the differences between how these different types of solar panels are manufactured.

Mono cell panels are cut from just one single source of silicon. This makes the panel work more efficiently since it comes from a single pure source instead of a mix of silicon. It’s sort of the difference between a steak and a sausage. The sausage is still great, but it’s made from a mix of a bunch of things and isn’t as pricey because of it.

How Can You Tell The Two Apart?

Mono panels have an octagonal shape to each cell. The corners are cut off for each cell to give it that distinctive shape. Poly cells are essentially just square. At Energy Concepts, we trust in the highest quality materials and because of that we utilize monocrystalline panels in our installations.

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