How do Solar Batteries Work?

Battery charging infographic

The solar power industry comes up with new innovations every year. As technology improves, we are seeing better ways for consumers to be more efficient with their panels while also making their reliance on the grid even smaller.

One of the innovations that have made this possible is the solar battery. It is now tenable for normal consumers to utilize a large-scale battery like the Tesla Powerwall, which can help you meet 100% of your energy needs without any reliance on the grid.

We’ll explain why the benefits of solar batteries can help your bottom line.

Peace of Mind

Uncertainty seems to be a more common thing every year. From freak weather events to the current COVID crisis, we never know what the future holds. Knowing that your energy is self-sufficient can help ease your worries, especially considering the way utility companies have been cutting power to homes in the event of wildfires.

If power is cut to your home during an outage, your solar battery will kick-in as a backup generator. Your solar panels are already working to make power, but now you can store it for later use. You should be more than able to keep your refrigerator and Internet going for a few days during an outage if you have a good solar battery.

Load Shifting

The utility system is more complex than just the number that shows up on your bill. Utilities run on a system of supply and demand. This means that prices rise during peak usage times. An energy storage system can shift when it distributes power to ease this burden. Even if you only have a smaller battery system, it can help shift the cost during peak times and save you money.

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