How Does Solar Compare to Other Types of Energy?

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Energy use is one of the most politically debated topics out there. Politicians and countries all over the world have their own views on the ideal type of energy policy. On a smaller scale, energy use is a major bill for the average American household. The decisions we make when it comes to energy have a huge impact on our finances and even the world around us. As a solar energy company, we strongly believe that solar panels are an incredible addition to any home or business, but what makes solar so special when compared to other energy sources?

Solar vs. Fossil Fuels

Fossil fuels like natural gas, oil, and coal power so much of our energy grid, particularly the transportation sector which is one of the biggest energy expenditures in most countries. Unfortunately, you are probably already aware of some of the environmental impacts of fossil fuels. Solar produces almost no environmental impact because it uses a renewable source of energy and produces no pollution.

On a cost basis, fossil fuels are only becoming more expensive as fuel deposits become rarer. Oil sources are becoming lower quality every year. In contrast, solar panels continue to increase in efficiency and can generate more and more electricity as new designs are made.

Solar vs. Other Renewables

Renewable energy is great for helping the environment and diversifying the energy grid. Solar has some great advantages when compared to other types of renewable energy sources. Solar can be more easily available to the average consumer because you can get a few panels at a time. It’s not so easy to add a wind turbine or a hydroelectric power plant to your backyard.

Our goal is not just to limit pollution, but to also allow for self-sufficient and lessen the reliance on the grid. Solar is uniquely positioned to do that, while other renewables simply aren’t.

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