How Efficient Lighting Can Help Your Solar Panel System

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For many of us, the first thought of electricity is a light bulb. It was one of the first widespread inventions that made use of electricity and was vital in changing so much of our daily life. Nowadays, we are so used to artificial light, that the light of the sun feels unique and refreshing. However, we know that traditional incandescent bulbs are inefficient and that they don’t last very long. In this blog, we’ll explain the other options you should upgrade to so that you’re not wasting all the free energy your solar panels are generating on inefficient lighting.

LEDs and CFLs

These two acronyms hold the key to efficient lighting. You’re likely more familiar with the term LED, but if you need a refresher, the important difference with these is that they produce light without producing heat. Incandescent bulbs use filaments and processes that require heat to be produced as a part of the process. This results in LEDs using a quarter of the energy of an equivalent incandescent bulb. In addition to that, LEDs can last a lot longer.

The CFL is another type of bulb that produces similar results to an LED. These are made from tubes and also do not produce heat. One cool thing about them is that they can stay the same shade of lighting when they are dimmed which isn’t the case for other types of light bulbs.

Overall, you need to switch your bulbs from incandescent to one of these options or you are throwing your money away. If you really want to get the most out of your solar panels, efficient lighting is a must-have!

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