How Solar Panels Can Help with a Blackout

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We see so much enthusiasm around solar installations. While many of our customers look forward to the significant savings that come with free energy production, others love the fact that solar lessens their reliance on the grid. With California’s yearly wildfires and our outdated infrastructure, blackouts have become pretty common. Luckily, if you have a solar panel installation, you may be impacted less than others.

How Solar Can Help

Not every solar panel system can assist you during a blackout. Unfortunately, your solar panels have to be connected to the grid in most situations. Think about it. Your solar panels can only work while the sun is out. All of your nighttime energy use needs to come from the grid.

However, there are benefits to having a solar panel system connected to the grid. In California, any extra energy you generate during the day while the sun is out is sold back to the grid. This system allows you to have lower and sometimes non-existent energy bills for the energy you use at night.

The other way that solar panel systems can help you during a blackout is if you install a battery system. With a battery system, you can fully divorce yourself from the grid. If you get one of these systems, you can easily get through a blackout for a few days depending on how much energy you tend to use in the first place.

Overall, blackouts are hard to deal with. It’s a problem many Californians will be dealing with in the coming years. However, solar can certainly play a part in alleviating the problem.

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