How to Celebrate National Unplugging Day

Energy Concepts Unplug from the grid

Every year, the first Friday of March is National Day of Unplugging. It started a little over a decade ago by the Jewish non-profit Reboot. It serves as an excellent reminder for people of all backgrounds of the importance of occasionally taking a step back from technology. The event runs from sundown on March 6th through sunset on the 7th and is a great way to practice some self-care before the weekend gets fully underway.

Why Unplug?

In today’s society, we are constantly interacting with technology. It’s not uncommon to feel panicked if you’re missing your smartphone. They’re everpresent these days. National Day of Unplugging is a great reminder to set that aside and enjoy the other things about life.

We love our phones because they are fun. The internet is a great resource to answer those nagging questions or to contact your friends. You don’t have to think of unplugging as limiting yourself from a bad habit. Instead, consider the ways you can find joy from things you might not do too often, such as reading a book or going to a park.

Energy Storage

If you do participate in the National Day of Unplugging, you don’t need to worry about all the energy your solar panels generate going to waste. We can sell back that energy to the grid through a practice called net metering. It’s even better if you have a solar battery backup. You can store all of that energy you save during the National Day of Unplugging and use it when you get plugged back in.

Whether you decide to participate or not, hopefully, the National Day of Unplugging reminds all of us of the ways we can over-rely on technology. Sustainability and energy-efficiency are at the core of everything that we do at Energy Concepts. The same type of mindfulness that “unplugging” represents is the best way to achieve a sustainable future relationship with energy and technology.

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