How to Make Efficient Use of Your Solar Power

Energy Concepts solar panel savings infographic

So you have your solar panel installation ready to go, but the results aren’t as big as you’ve expected. It happens for so many reasons. First, we want to assure you that your solar panel system is using free energy and will pay for itself eventually. Considering that solar panels can last for decades with little loss in efficiency, it’s safe to say that your investment was worth it. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t take some steps to improve that investment even more. In this blog, we’ll explain some simple ways you can boost your solar panels energy efficiency to make your long-term investment even better.

Timing is Everything

Your solar panel system is a great thing, but are you using it during the best times? Unless you have a solar battery system like a Tesla Powerwall, which we do install, you need to use your solar panels while the sun is out. While this covers the things in your home that are always using electricity like your fridge, it won’t cover devices and appliances you only use at night.

The way to fix this is through the simple concept of timing. Charge your devices during the day. Don’t be afraid to pump the AC a little more during the day if you find yourself needing it at night. Little things like this can go a long way over time. You’re getting free energy. You might as well use it!

Lower Peak Usage

While it’s better to move your peak usage times to the hours of the day when the sun is out, it’s also important to lower those energy spikes. Unless you have a very large system or a powerful solar battery, you will exceed the amount of free energy you’re receiving from your panels during your peak usage. Try to instead use fewer devices at a time. For example, don’t run the vacuum cleaner while the dishwasher or dryer is running. Every little bit counts to make your energy bill drop!

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