Sustainability Tips from Energy Concepts

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There are so many exciting things about the solar industry. It’s a growing industry with brand-new innovations coming every single year. However, our favorite part of solar energy is that it is a sustainable energy source. With climate change being such a serious threat for the future, we need to grow sustainable energy sources and invest in sustainability in general. With that in mind, here are Energy Concepts’ favorite sustainability tips!


We don’t mean that you should stop using your electronics when we say to unplug. Rather we recommend unplugging household electronics when you aren’t using them. It turns out that just leaving a device or appliance plugged in actually saps some electricity. When added up over a full year, it ends up saving over $100 in electricity use!

Be Smart with Your Thermostat

A smart thermostat can go a long way in cutting your electricity costs. A smart thermostat, if you didn’t know, can adjust the desired temperature throughout the day to allow for the most optimal energy use. Many models have smartphone communication that allows you to start the AC while you are on your way home.

Change Out the Old Lightbulbs

Traditional incandescents generate heat as well as light. This ends up wasting a ton of energy and burns out the bulbs much quicker than modern options. This is why you should switch to LEDs. They’ll last much longer and will make up for the slightly higher initial cost over time.

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