The Solar Industry: A Year in Review

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Renewable energy is finally starting to grow and make a difference in the nation’s energy supply. While there were many changes in the solar industry during 2019, the following are a few of the most noteworthy achievements. Hopefully, 2020 will be another great year for solar energy.

California Sets Energy Records

In June, California set two major records. The state had the most solar power flowing through California’s electric grid in its entire history. In fact, it had so much solar energy that it set another record. This year, California also had the most solar power taken offline because it was not necessary. This contradiction is primarily because of the mismatch between when California produces and uses electricity.

New Homes in California Must Create Solar Power

Starting in 2020, solar panels will be a required feature in new, single-family homes. According to the new regulations, all homes must have solar panels or a similar power system. This new requirement is the first of its kind in the entire country. Each year, thousands and thousands of homes are built in the state, so the regulations will have a large impact in California.

Duke and Other Companies Compete to Create Energy Storage

When it comes to batteries, utilities in Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia and Arkansas are taking proposals. In the Carolinas, Duke Energy has already committed to spending $500 million on battery installations. While Georgia Power is planning on creating 80 megawatts of storage, Dominion Energy in Virginia is working to build 16 megawatts. Since storing energy during the night is one of the biggest problems for the solar industry, these new developments will help solar achieve dominance in the energy industry.

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