Where Should I Install My Solar Panels?

solar array installation

When people think about solar panel installation, they usually picture them on the roof of the house. While this is a common location for solar panel installation, it’s not the only location they can be installed.

Where To Install Solar Panels

The rooftop is the most commonplace for solar panel installation, especially in residential areas, but there are a few other options to consider.

  • If you live on a larger piece of property and you have land that isn’t being used, then consider a ground installation for your solar panels.
  • If you have a covered walkway or a gazebo with enough space, you could install your solar panels on top of these structures.
  • A lot of public schools within the past few years have begun installing coverings over their parking lots and installing solar panels on top of the covers. This has been an effective way for school districts to save money and improve efficiency.

There are a few things you need to consider when making this decision. Not every Fresno home or piece of property is the same, and so your decision might not be the same as even the neighbor living next to you.

What Direction Should Solar Panels Face?

The most important consideration is the solar panel’s access to sunlight. They need to be installed in a location that gets direct sunlight most of the day. You want to avoid installing in a space with a lot of trees, because eventually, either the trees will shade the panels or the leaves, pine needles, and debris will cover the panels.

We Are Here To Help

If you’ve read this and you still can’t decide the best location for your solar panels, then contact a professional for guidance and advice. At Energy Concepts, we have experience installing solar panels in residential and commercial areas throughout Fresno and will be able to create a plan that works best for your land and structures.

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