Why is California the Center for Solar?

solar array installation

California has been the center of innovation in the solar industry for decades. Some of the biggest solar companies like Tesla began in California. There’s a lot of reasons why solar energy is so attractive in the state and why so many businesses have grown and started here.


California is a huge state, but it’s sunny throughout the whole thing most of the time. As solar technology grew, it became clear that California could really take advantage of it especially in contrast to other states. In addition to home units, areas like the Mojave Desert have some of the largest solar farms in the world.


California is a great place for tech businesses. The Silicon Valley and our incredible universities has led to the creation of innovative products and businesses that are pushing the world forward. With the amount of capital and forward-thinking investors concentrated around San Francisco and LA, the best ideas are getting funding and making waves in the industry.

Government Support

Our state government has implemented initiatives and legislation over the past few decades to speed up solar adoption throughout the state. In addition to the federal tax credits, California has added incentives like net metering to make it more welcoming to homeowners taking the plunge into solar. This has only really been adopted in a few states, with California’s being considered one of the best states for net metering benefits.

On a local level, we’ve seen some counties and cities require new homes to be built with solar power installed.

Overall, we live in a great state to take advantage of solar energy. We’d love to help you along the way.

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