Your Guide to Solar Panels and the Spring Season

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Like a lot of industries, solar changes with the seasons. With the amount of sunlight changing throughout the year, solar can be even more impacted. With the start of spring, we want to give you an idea of the challenges of spring and why it’s a great time to set up and install, too.

Cleaning Your Panels in Spring

Spring cleaning is a centuries-long tradition. While most people think of cleaning their homes for this season, your solar panels could use some love too! Spring is a time when life proliferates. Unfortunately, this can cause your solar panels to get dirty. Pollen, bird droppings and other environmental causes can cover your panels and force a cleaning.

Solar panel cleaning tips

  • Water and a rag are usually good enough.

  • Avoid harsh cleaning chemicals. They can leave behind residue or scratches that can inhibit performance.

  • Be safe. Don’t clean your panels alone, especially if they’re on your roof. Keep the ladder secure and supported if you need to use one.

Spring is the Time to Install

As you can probably imagine, summer is the number one time for solar energy production. Spring, being just before summer, is a great time to set yourself up before you’ll get the most out of your installation. If you wait until summer starts, you’ll likely have to deal with longer wait times. Those two reasons are more than enough to make spring one of the best times to get a new solar panel installation!

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