All About Solar Batteries

Battery storage

There are always new innovations and changes in the solar industry every single year. One of the most impactful ones in recent years has been the emergence of solar batteries. While solar batteries have been around for a long time, major companies in the solar space are looking at them as the next frontier. Tesla…

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Can Fall Leaves Impact My Solar Panels?

Fall raking leaves

Fall is so many people’s favorite season of the year and it’s easy to see why. In California, it’s a bit of a break from our crazy hot summers and we get to start heading into the holiday season with Halloween and Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, fall can be a bit messier for those who like to…

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Beyond Solar: Other Ideas to Increase Sustainability in Your Home

Energy Concepts Green Planet

At Energy Concepts, we believe in solar energy for a sustainable future. However, any steps you can take towards eco-friendliness and helping preserve the planet can make a big difference! We love sharing environmentally-friendly habits and tips and we’d love to hear yours if you have some! Composting While solar panels can do a lot…

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How to Make Efficient Use of Your Solar Power

Energy Concepts solar panel savings infographic

So you have your solar panel installation ready to go, but the results aren’t as big as you’ve expected. It happens for so many reasons. First, we want to assure you that your solar panel system is using free energy and will pay for itself eventually. Considering that solar panels can last for decades with…

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What Were The First Solar Panels Like?

Energy Concepts Commercial solar install

Solar panels are clearly the energy source of the future, but how did we get to the point we are now? How do today’s panels compare to solar energy in the past? Our pros will take you through history! Solar Energy Of course, it really depends on how you define solar energy. People have been…

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How Durable Are Solar Panels?

Energy Concepts solar panels

When you are considering making such a big investment in your home and future like a solar system, you need to have the confidence that your investment will last a long time. After all, your investment only gets better the longer you have the system because there aren’t any associated maintenance costs. Luckily, solar panels last…

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Why Does California Have So Many Power Outages?

light bulb illuminated

California has a lot of people and businesses. All of those take up a lot of resources. Power is just one of those resources. In this blog, we will explain why this competition for electricity makes blackouts and outages so common in California. How Utilities Work in California The basic reason comes down to the…

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How Solar Can Help Your Business

Solar array

So you’re considering having your business go solar? Perhaps, you’ve heard of other businesses going green and are wondering what the benefits of solar are. One shining example is Microsoft. The company gets all of its energy from renewable sources! If it works for Microsoft, it can work for your business, too! After all, overhead is…

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Why is California the Center for Solar?

solar array installation

California has been the center of innovation in the solar industry for decades. Some of the biggest solar companies like Tesla began in California. There’s a lot of reasons why solar energy is so attractive in the state and why so many businesses have grown and started here. Geography California is a huge state, but…

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Which Lighting Options Are Most Efficient?

Energy Concepts Alternative Energy sources

While solar will improve the efficiency and sustainability of all your electricity use, there is still much you can do to improve efficiency throughout your home. One of the easiest ways is with lighting. Lighting uses about 6% of all your energy expenditure every month. This may seem like a relatively small amount, but it…

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