How Do Solar Rebates Work?

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Beyond the great benefits of solar panels at your home or business, there are a variety of government incentives as well. Most take the form of solar tax rebates and credits. However, they can be confusing to the average person because most of us don’t understand how taxes really work anyways. When you get a…

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How Does Solar Compare to Other Types of Energy?

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Energy use is one of the most politically debated topics out there. Politicians and countries all over the world have their own views on the ideal type of energy policy. On a smaller scale, energy use is a major bill for the average American household. The decisions we make when it comes to energy have…

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Is There Space for Solar Panels on Your Property?

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We believe that solar energy is the future of power production and we try to do everything we can to make it accessible for the people in our community. Oftentimes, our customers think solar panels can’t work for their home, but it’s almost never the case. In this blog, we’ll explain how much space you…

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How Does a Cloudy Day Impact Your Solar Panels?

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Solar energy is a great way to save money on your energy bills and work towards a more sustainable future for everyone. All of us at Energy Concepts believe in solar technology 100%, but we still encounter people with reservations about it. One commonly asked question is about cloudy days. Will your solar panels still…

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How Much Energy Does The Average Californian Use?

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At Energy Concepts, we help reduce the carbon footprint and energy use of our customers. Solar panels can provide free electricity from the most bountiful energy source we have access to, the sun. However, even with a solar panel system, it’s essential to have an idea of how much electricity you are using in the…

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Different Types of Solar Panels, Explained

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Not all solar panels are the same. Just like a lot of things, inventors, engineers and scientists have created different solutions to the same problem. In the case of solar, the problem is how to extract energy from the sun! Here are the different types of solar panels and how they work! Polycrystalline One of…

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Safety Tips for Hanging Christmas Lights

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The holiday season is well underway after Thanksgiving just a few weeks ago. For many of us, this is a really exciting time for decorating your home for the winter holidays. Chief among those are holiday lights hung around your home. It can be a big task especially if you want to have the most…

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Solar Panels in Space: How NASA Uses Solar

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We believe in solar technology as the energy generator of the future, and we aren’t alone! NASA is responsible for almost all of the space exploration humankind has accomplished. They conduct and coordinate experiments in the International Space Station that push forward the boundaries of scientific thought. To do all this, they power a lot…

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The Social Benefits of Solar

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We’ve helped thousands of households with their energy needs through our solar installations. Most of the time, the appeal is focused on the economic benefits. After all, who doesn’t get excited about free stuff, and your solar panel can give you free energy! It’s an exciting proposition, but it’s not the only consideration when getting…

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How Efficient Lighting Can Help Your Solar Panel System

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For many of us, the first thought of electricity is a light bulb. It was one of the first widespread inventions that made use of electricity and was vital in changing so much of our daily life. Nowadays, we are so used to artificial light, that the light of the sun feels unique and refreshing.…

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